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More information
on the PPF
(Paint Protection Film) 

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The Xpel film is Porsche Approved certified, it is the only one to officially preserve your Porsche warranty.


Paint Protection Film

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From : 350 € HT

From : 999 € HT

From : 4000 € HT


XPEL paint protection film

Live your life passionately. Harness your drive to go all out. At work and in your free time. How to do this in practice is different for everyone. Some love having total control. Others like to do everything for and with others.

Whatever your itinerary, XPEL gives you the means to fully devote yourself to your passion. Get the best out of yourself AND your car. In all areas. In any circumstance. Test your car with confidence. Don't worry about scratches and dirt. Thanks to the XPEL paint protection film, your paint always looks like new.

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